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2022's Biggest Brow Trends

What are the biggest brow trends for 2022?


“If you take a look at Spring 2022 NYC Fashion Week, the biggest trend that stood out with the makeup was the lack of color - very little blush, no deep lip color, etc. The emphasis was on the eyes, designed with neon and bright liners. But the eyebrows were subtle, without much enhancement from the usual powders and pencils.” says Esthetician and Brow Educator Pamela Jeschonek, founder of EyebrowMBA and GentlewaxPRO.

“Throughout the pandemic, the relationship you had with your brows may have been reset. And if you turned into a less-is-more kind of gal, these new brow and makeup trends could be right up your alley!” says Ms. Jeschonek.


Here are a few thoughts on what could be the top trending eyebrow styles based on what was seen on the runway for 2022.


What kind of eyebrows are in style?


2022 Brow Trend: FLUFFY BROWS

“Fluffy, laminated brows seem to be here to stay for 2022.  It’s a good way to make naturally less-than-full brows appear more lush and thick. And everyone looks better with a full, fluffy brow! Soap brows are still around and also fall under the fluffy trend.” Jeschonek predicts.



2022 Makeup Trends

2022 Brow Trend: BARE BROWS

“Brows seem to be much more natural for 2022, with far less pencil and powder used to fill in. Adding a few hair strokes to bare spots should be all that is needed to have on-trend eyebrows.  A touch of clear gel to hold the hairs in place and add a bit of gloss will polish off the look.” projects Jeschonek.



The biggest eyebrow trends


2022 Brow Trend: FREE FORM BROWS

“Going with exactly what your mama gave you!  No tweezing, pencils, powders or gels.  Let your brows be your brows and love them!” notes Jeschonek.




Top Eyebrow trends for 2021

2022 Brow Trend: SOFT, SUBTLE ARCH

“A subtle, soft arch seems to be having a moment. Emphasis is on a flowing curve, not sculpting a sky high arch. Keep the brow effortless and natural, don’t dig in to accentuate the arch. You can also skip the highlighting under the arch, if you like.” observed Jeschonek.



current eyebrow trends 2021


“Quick and cheap brows will still be out, out, out in 2022.” declares Jeschonek. “One-on-one exclusivity will be the ultimate luxury for brow services in 2022. Everyone will be looking for not only the best brow designer, but the artist who goes the extra mile to care for and protect their clients by using top notch disinfecting protocols. Exclusive, private salons will reign.”


So to wrap it up, according to Licensed Brow Artist and Educator Pamela Jeschonek, Founder of EyebrowMBA, here are the biggest 2022 Brow Trends:

- Fluffy and Laminated Brows will still be hot

- Skip the heavy pencil and powder and go bare

- Totally natural - no tweezing, pencils or gels

- Soft, subtle curving arch

- Private, exclusive, safe and clean brow studios will reign supreme



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