learn eyebrow design online
Test your computer in 4 Steps:
High speed internet connection is a must!  Recommended viewing is on a desktop or laptop.
Do not enroll until your computer is fully compatible, as no refunds are given.
1.  Can you hear the Audio Tutor*?
push the play arrow
(be sure your sound is on)


2.  Can you see and hear the Video Tutor?*

tap on the video/arrow
(be sure your sound is on)
3.  Can you see the picture and text of the Online Guide?
This is a slant tip tweezers.
4.  Can you download the PDF?**
If you can do all four, you will be able to view the EyebrowMBA™ course!
*If you cannot hear the audio or see the video, please visit www.vimeo.com to troubleshoot (they host our media). 
**Can't download the PDF?  Visit Adobe Reader to download the software.
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