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Maybe you are like many of the people who have emailed us with concerns like these:
  • "I want to be the best but I can't find someone to teach me."
  • "My microblading class didn't improve my eyebrow design...help!"
  • "'I want to be more confident during my brow services."
  • "How can I get people to pay me more for my brow services?"
  • "What do I do with the crazy brows I see everyday?"
  • "There is never a class in my area, and I can't afford to travel to one."
"I don't understand why eyebrow shaping is so hard for me."
It shouldn't be hard.  The important thing is finding the right tools to teach you the foundation of great eyebrow design and then using them.
You don't need to jump through hoops and spend years trying to find the right tools, we have already put them all in one place for you with the EyebrowMBA course. 
No more fearing crazy brows! 
You'll have less anxiety and more confidence with every client!  No more wishing for the magical solution, because we'll show you how to take your new skills and turn them into profits in the treatment room. 
You'll discover all of the Secrets that make true Eyebrow Design much less scary!
"I've become an eyebrow rock star because of EyebrowMBA"
 "The EyebrowMBA course showed me how every brow has the potential to be fantastic.  This is something that cosmetology school alone does not equip one with!"   Nikki, Certified EyebrowMBA Student
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What You'll Get: 
  • Tweezing, Threading, Waxing, Tinting, Step-by-Step Shaping & MORE!   We Have It ALL Just For YOU.
  • Specific Techniques that will take your eyebrow design to the expert level
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on how to correct the Six Deadly Shaping Sins
  • Confidence that you can create amazing brows on any client
  • Up Close Design Session Videos so you always have a front row seat in class
  • How to Fill Your Book with Clients who pay Top Dollar and book months out
  • Shaping Essentials and the techniques you'll need to create perfect brows
  • A Certification   of completion once   you have passed the exam (credentialed pros only)
  • and so much more!!
This Is Not Just Another "brow class"
This is the only class you should take to truly master Timeless Eyebrow Design.
Our course is the most complete curriculum you will find...in an online or traditional class. And you'll always have a front row seat! 
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  • Featured on Good Housekeeping, Today, Yahoo, Fox News Magazine, Consumer Reports ShopSmart, MSN Living, Women's World, Bridal Guide and more!
  • Built A Successful Eyebrow Design Salon
  • Has Taught Hundreds of Estheticians Brow Design
  • Licensed Esthetician in California & Pennsylvania
Pamela Jeschonek Eyebrow Designer
Pamela has been called "...one of the best eyebrow designers in the professional beauty industry."  Her clients refer to her Brow Couture Design service as "the Holy Grail of eyebrows"  and "Genius".  Now she is ready to help YOU sculpt amazing eyebrows on every client, every time™.
Over the past 15 years she has developed a signature style of eyebrow shaping and designed a successful niche salon dedicated solely to eyebrow design.  Currently, she has hundreds of ladies waiting for an initial consultation with her, which costs as much as $175.  With a consistent retention rate near 100%, Pamela has designed a niche service at her Studio that is in demand, and you can too!
She's "been there, done that",
educated thousands on her websites and
now she shares with you all she's learned!
This is just the class for you if...
  • You're ready to start enhancing your skills and really conquer brow design
  • You want to learn to design brows so that people will pay what you're worth
  • You're done waiting for a class to come to your town
  • You want to be confident that you can work on any brow
  • You don't want to waste more time trying to learn on your own
  • You've tried to figure it out by yourself, but can't quite seem to master the details
  • You're willing to put in the work, but want a thorough guide to help you every step of the way
  • You're looking for a class you can do on your schedule and is affordable
  • You're done wasting time and energy and want to be an expert...starting NOW


This isn't for you if...
  • You start things but don't take action.  Don't expect results if you don't do the work.
  • You just want a certification for show but never actually plan on being better at brow design than you are today.
  • You can't afford it.  Although we feel our course is super affordable, if you can't pay for it, save up and enroll later.
  • You are not willing to practice, practice, practice.  Every great artist does.
  • You don't need to improve your skills or make more money right now.
  • You are not a self-starter and you lack discipline to learn on your own.
PLEASE Don't Give Your Clients the Average "$15 brow wax"
Imagine being more confident in the treatment room.  Never fearing the "crazy brows" again.  Knowing exactly how to design the perfect brow for each client and being paid a premium to do so!  You'll start to enjoy each day's challenging client, add more creativity to your service and go home happy after every client has fallen in love with their new brows!
"I 've been able to raise my Brow rates and I'm retailing a lot more"
"I am definitely more confident...I learned a great deal from the EyebrowMBA course and feel like I just look at the whole concept of doing a brow shaping differently.  I actually feel like I can sculpt, fix and create nice clean lines."  Rita, Certified EyebrowMBA Student


Enroll Now And Get Some
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maintain a Super High Retention Rate. This is the exact method
Pamela uses to keep her retention rate near 100%
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ways to cut costs and add revenue to your bottom line. 
We share tips you can begin implementing now.
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Your very own Beauty Editorial Calendar! We also give you
some marketing tips and info for when you send them out. 
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Did you know that raising your rates can do so much more than just make you more money?  Watch and see how it can actually buy you time!
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FREEBIES are accessible immediately right from in your Enrollment Packet! **Allow 24 Hours for full Online Course Access

FACIAL THREADING!! Learn how to perform the most requested Facial Threading Services.  These BONUS LESSONS will be waiting for you in the Curriculum!
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DESIGN MY NICHE ONLINE MARKETING CLASS!! Learn how to market your specialty service and Design your business around WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY with the Design My Niche Online Class.
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Are You Ready to Stop Wishing You Were an
Eyebrow Design Expert and Actually Become One?
A Final Note From Pamela:
"The only thing that matters is the brow shape you leave behind.   It doesn't matter if you wax, thread or tweeze, the money is in the design™.  Knowing how to design the perfect arch will keep clients paying top dollar to see you instead of getting a $15 "brow wax" down the street."
A year from now,
you will be glad you enrolled today!
Enroll In EyebrowMBA Now!
EyebrowMBA Reviews
How Much Can Premium Eyebrow Design Services Generate?
Recently, I got a call from a salon owner who wanted advice.  She liked the idea of offering a high-end brow service, but wasn't sure if it would be worth investing the time and effort to get a new, highly targeted Eyebrow Design service and Esthetician up and running.  We talked and I told her I would work up some rough figures for her, based on her particular situation.
Below is what I came up with for her.  But let's have some fun and insert YOU into this equation!
Take a Look at Sample Goals to Work Towards
Say that you work 5 days per week and you are booked 7 hours per day.
5 days/week x 7 hrs/day = 35 hours/week
You charge $65 for each New Client and $35 for each Regular Brow client and you do 2 clients per hour.  Remember, a premium service = premium rates.
Each day you see 1 New Client and 13 Regular Clients.
13 Regular Clients at $35 = $455
1 New Client at $65 = $65
Per Hour Revenue $74.28
Daily Revenue $520/Weekly Revenue $2,600
Now, we'll add it all up for the year.  Let's say that over the course of the year you take a total of 4 weeks vacation.  So you will be working 48 weeks per year.
$2,600/week x 48 weeks/year = $124,800
This is just doing Eyebrow Design and you're not even breaking a sweat because we gave you 30 minutes for each appointment! 
Let's look at what you can do with 20 minute Design sessions for Regular Clients and 30 minute sessions for New Clients with the same hours worked as above.
1 New Client $65
19 Regular Clients $35
Daily Revenue $730
Weekly Revenue $3,650
Yearly Revenue $189,000
That's close to $200,000 per year...just designing brows!
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the course held / Is it all online?
The course is completely online all day, everyday!  Once you enroll, you will have 24/7 access to the online guides, audio tutors and video tutors.  Study when and where it is convenient for you!
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to all materials for 90 days from the date that you enroll.  Simply take and pass your Certification Test within that time period to earn your EyebrowMBA!
How will I access the course materials?
Everything you need will be on password protected pages on our site.  See our Test My Computer page for all of the details and to test your system.  A  PC or laptop is suggested. 
What if I have eyebrow questions during the course?
We maintain a database of student questions in the curriculum as they are submitted, so first check there to see if your question has already been answered.  If not, send your question in an email.
Legal Disclaimer: Examples used are exceptional results, may not apply to the average student and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any/more money.