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So...what's a Niche?

Nail Technician Marketing Tips and Ideas
A Niche is a service or small set of related services that you dominate in your marketYou charge above average rates, have a fiercely loyal clientele, are in demand and are known as the authority and expert in your service Niche.  But above all, you are truly excellent at what you do.
Designing Your Niche will help you love what you do every working moment, make you more money and keep you excited to become better at your craft each and every day.
Your Niche is your muse. Your advantage. Your magic wand.

Here's more about what you will be doing in the Design My Niche course:

Before you know where you're going, you have to know where you are.  We will discover your current likes, dislikes and where your money is truly coming from to create a crystal clear picture of your current work situation.
You are going to make your dream fit by design, not by accident.  Most people never have their dream job, but you will engineer your ultimate Dream Workday from the very beginning.  You will only be held back by what you think you cannot do.
Next you will Design Your Niche.  Designing Your Niche will help you focus and  love what you do every working moment, make you more money and keep you excited to become better at your craft each and every day.
Designing a new menu will be absolutely necessary.  Your new Suite Of Services will tell your Dream Clients that you are a true leader in your Niche.
Get ready for our brand new Soulmate Marketing Method™.  This isn't what you've heard fact it's probably the exact opposite!  Using our Soulmate Marketing Method™, you will literally Design your Dream Client.
Now you begin Designing your Expert Status to attract your Beauty Soulmate™.  This is what will set you apart from everyone else and help you Design your own personal brand.
Yes, you can Design Your Paycheck!  When you Niche, you specialize.  When you specialize, you can charge more.  We'll show you how.
We have no interest in making you hunt for your Dream Client.  We want to show you how to bring your Dream Client to your online front door.  We'll show you the two biggest ways to do just that.
You must have a website that works like a magnet.  A pretty website means nothing if Google can't find it.  We will help you get started with some Soulmate Optimization™ and perhaps score a little publicity too!  You will woo your Dream Client with your online presence to become their Beauty Soulmate™.  We will also reveal the Essential Elements every great beauty website needs.


Did You Know?: Pamela's websites have had over 1 MILLION Page Views and over 250,000 Visitors and counting!  She has successfully designed and marketed her beauty Niche, and now she shows you how you can do it too!

This course is about so much more than Designing Your Niche

It is about Designing:
Hairdresser Marketing Ideas and Tricks
•Your CAREER and
•Your LIFE and
•Your DAY and
•Your CLIENT and
•Your REASON and
•Your PAYCHECK and
So why would you want to Niche and focus on just one or two things?  Well, when you Niche, it becomes easier to develop a dedicate following and build loyalty so your clients come back again and again.  Designing A Niche also helps you become the authority.  When you see descriptions in a stylist's title like Specialist, Expert or Beauty Artisan...doesn't that make you want to go to that stylist?  Of course it does, because everyone wants the best. And when you Niche, you begin the process of positioning yourself in your town as the best.

You'll get creative guidance and learn how to:

•Design Your Career to Fit Your Life
•Design Your most amazing Dream Workday
•Figure out what makes you money now and what doesn't
•Find services that you love, that will make you more money and pamper your Dream Client
•Design a new Service Menu that entices your Dream Client and helps you develop your Expert Reputation
•Create instant chemistry between you and your Dream Client using our new Soulmate Marketing Method™
•Design your Expert Status and begin packaging your beautiful brand for the world to fall in love with
•Design your Dream Paycheck and learn how to Price Your Niche
•Make your Dream Client swoon with your online presence
•Flaunt a website that attracts the Dream Clients you've only imagined working with
•Begin gaining publicity and marketing wins!
It all starts with the Niche you focus on.  Your Niche should align with your strengths.  You can't be perfect at every service, but you do have to be extraordinary at one.  You need to find your own personal "zone of genius".  Because, why would clients pay more and seek you out if you aren't special?
What Do I Get and
How Do I Study?
•You get a 40 Page Downloadable Workbook that is yours to keep forever!  In this "Dream Book" you begin Designing your destiny!

•3 Months of Online Access to Hours of Audio Lectures guiding you step-by-step through your Dream Book

•Study at your own pace, completing the tasks in your Dream Book while listening to the Audio Lectures that correspond to your Dream Book

•Instant Niche Ideas For Beauty Pros

•Website and Blog Resources List

•Checklist Of The Essential Elements Every Beauty Website Needs

•Checklist To Measure Your Website's Performance
When you Niche there are lots of benefits.  You can carry less inventory, you elevate your status in the eyes of clients, you get focused with advanced education, you can build a cohesive portfolio, you may get nominated for special industry awards, you may attract media attention. 
But most importantly, in the eyes of clients - YOU BECOME THE PRIZE.


It's Time To DESIGN Every Step That Leads You To Happy!
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