February 6, 2019 @ 1:20 PM

2019 makeup trends have a heavy focus on the eyes.

What are brow trends in 2019?


And nothing accentuates your eyes more than great brows.

For 2019, strive for the "less is more" approach when grooming your brows. Brows will be more transparent, less filled in and brushed up casually. If you fill in with powders or pencils, the color will be softer, as close to your natural brow shade as possible.  Allow a bit of skin to show through the brows, especially at the fullest part of the front of the brow.
Photo Credit Getty Images/Salvatore Farragamo Fashion Show


Forget about all those perfectly coiffed, micro-bladed Instagram brows you see.

2019 will be about less severe lines and edges.

Leave the front of your brow as full as possible, and tweeze as few hairs as possible to refine your arch. Remember the brows you had when you were thirteen?  Not perfect, but with lovely subtle curves and even a few strays.  That is the on-trend brow for 2019.  

And 2019’s bold liner trends will be the perfect compliment to a more relaxed brow drawing focus to your beautiful eyes.