July 21, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Every true Professional in the beauty industry (in the United States at least) should be Licensed.


If you are Licensed now, raise your hand.  My hand is up, is yours?  I am Licensed in not one, but two states.
We get a lot of questions here, but the most frustrating one is will our certificate be a substitute for a real License. No. No it will not.  Then we often hear a lot of whining.  But why do I need a License if I only want to perform (brow threading, makeup application, microblading, etc.)?Do I need A License To Do Waxing
Basically, not getting your License means you probably are not committed.  Or you are simply lazy.  Yes, this is harsh, but it is also true.  Why should you "waste your time" getting Licensed?  All of us who have a License and took the legal way to practicing our craft want to smack you.  Hard.
The world is full of imitators, pretenders. Those looking for the path of least resistance and the easiest way.  Real Professionals never take the easy way.  They are never looking to cut corners.  They are always ready to learn more, invest more and become the best at what they do.
What is happening in the world of eyebrows right now is that a lot of newer services don't currently fall under most states' laws and regulations, like microblading for example.  But guess what?  When I recently talked to the State Board of Cosmetology Inspector (my studio was being inspected, because it's Licensed) he told me microblading will soon fall under the governing Laws. 
So what does that mean?  That means that all those unlicensed microbladers in Pennsylvania, that spent thousands on trendy training, will need to go to school and actually get Licensed.  Then they will need to work in Licensed Salons.  That is, if they were willing to stick it out and build an actual clientele.  Most people who don't want to bother with a License also don't want to bother with the work needed to build a book filled with loyal clients.  They usually move on to the next quick trend they can "learn".
Then there is the cost.  Yes, I get it.  School costs money.  So what do you do?  Well here are a few ideas:
- Save up and take the shortest program.  Only want to do facials? No need to get the full Cosmetology License.  Start with an Esthetician License.
- Work in a salon that will help you pay for your tuition. Many salon owners will help you get through school if you are willing to commit to working for them once you graduate.  Do your research and ask around.
- Look for scholarships.  Go to your local beauty academy and ask if there are any non-loan financial assistance programs that could help you out.  The beauty store chain Sally Beauty also offers scholarships.  Didn't know that did you?  Google is your friend.
- Go to school part time to have an extended time to pay it off.  I worked a day job while going to school two days a week.  It took me a lot longer to finish, but that schedule allowed me to pay cash as I went.
- Depending on your income level, you may qualify for grants, if the beauty school you choose is accredited.

Having a License also gives you credibility with customers. 

The License tells the world that you are a Professional, and have passed a rigorous exam to earn that License.  It also tells the client that someone is looking out for them.  All salons in the U.S. must be able to present an employee's License if the customer asks to see it, and savvy clients today may ask more than ever before.  Don't have one?  Out the door they go.
Now, just because you have a License does not mean you are done studying.  That is why we developed our eyebrow design course, body waxing class and esthetician marketing training.  These are for Beauty Pros who want to continue to learn at an affordable cost.  Our classes were never meant as an alternative to skip steps, but are here to help you help yourself.
So do you really need a License?  We think so, and can only hope that you do too.
Have questions about Licensing in your State?  Contact your State's Board Of Cosmetology, they will answer every one of your questions.  Just Google them :-)
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