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Pamela J - Founder of EyebrowMBA™,  Design My Niche and Gentle Wax Pro
"The Holy Grail of eyebrows" Sharon W. Client
Pamela J Niche Design
Pamela has been called "...one of the best eyebrow designers in the professional beauty industry" and "...a Michelangelo of eyebrows".  Her clients refer to her Brow Couture Design service as "the Holy Grail of eyebrows"  and "Genius".  Now she is ready to help YOU sculpt amazing eyebrows on every client, every time™
She began her obsession in 2001, while earning her Esthetician's License at a local Pittsburgh beauty academy.  Disheartened that very little time was spent on eyebrow shaping, she went off on her own to learn about the different theories of eyebrow design.                                           
Over the past 17 years she has honed her skills, developed a signature style of eyebrow shaping and designed a successful niche salon dedicated solely to eyebrow design.  Currently, she has hundreds of ladies waiting for an initial consultation with her, which costs as much as $175.  With a consistent retention rate near 100%, Pamela has developed a service at her Studio that is in demand, and you can too!
Having taught brow design education in the past, she knows how difficult and expensive it can be for students to travel to an out of town class.  She has developed EyebrowMBA™, a program that is easy to understand and can be completed around your busy schedule.
Pamela is a Licensed Esthetician in Pennsylvania and California.
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In addition to her extensive study/training in Eyebrow Design, Pamela has earned professional certificates including:
Satin Smooth - Waxing Specialist in Professional Epilation Techniques
Postgraduate Institute for Medicine - The Artistry of Facial Design
Intensive Lash and Brow Tinting
Nufree and Finipil Brand Training
Building a Lash and Brow Bar
Treatment an Menu Strategies to Boost Revenue
Protecting and Respecting Client Privacy (HIPPA)
OSHA - Bloodbourne Pathogens
Barbicide Certified
Hubspot Inbound Certified
Advanced SEO Tactics and Strategies -MOZ
Brené Brown - The Power of Vulnerability
Applied Psychology - Matching Marketing Strategies To Consumer Personalities
No phone calls to the Studio please, respect our time with clients.  Contact EyebrowMBA™
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